Litecoin to catch-up with Bitcoin’s rise

Litecoin vs Bitcoin has followed a pitchfork pattern nicely.

Just as Bitcoin Litecoin has not been premined. From day one anyone could download the software from Github, install it and mine Litecoin.

Whereas Ethereum was premined to the tune of 70 mln ETH by Vitalik and his cofounders. The incoming SEC chair Gary Gensler stated repeatedly that Ethereum was premined. If the SEC goes after Ripple for premining XRP they must go after Ethereum as well.

Furthermore CME starts trading ETH futures on Feb 8th 2021. Market makers on CME have built-up their positions on ETH and are ready to sell. Remember what happend when the CME started trading Bitcoin back in Dec 2017 ? Bitcoin crashed.

I expect the SEC to go after Ethereum and if not, Ripple will use this comparison in its defense leaving the SEC no choice. The law must equally apply to all.

Hence I expect people to rotate into legal crypto coins of which Bitcoin and Litecoin are the purest and cleanest.

Also Litecoin has some of the widest community spread and community mining. Is listed on most exchanges worldwide and constantly has a top 5 to top 3 volume & liquidity.

Grayscale just filed to list a few more coins potentially wrapped into a trust. One of the coins was privacy coin Monero. Litecoin has built-in MimbleWimble which can be activated at any time offering optional privacy and fungability which even Bitcoin lacks > Caitling Long who stamped out Wyoming’s new crypto laws has recently explained in an interview the importance of fungability to protect from rogue liens.