For fundamental analysis , start with this article: https://tokeninsight.medium.com/ftx-toke…

They lay out pretty well the fundamentals of the coin and why it is undervalued.

FTX exchange is picking up steam, especially with their fast approach to add DEFI tokens fast + they added the stocks from WALLSTREETBETS that you can trade with. FTX is slowly becoming one stop shop for traders, and I cannot find a reason why FTX and FTT would not continue the path they are on.

This is not intended as a leveraged trade, so slowly DCA into it as price dips. Also, staking FTT gives you a lot of benefits on the exchange, use it.

P.S. I’m using FTX exchange, which kind of made me stop using Binane and Kraken, could not recommend it enough.
Check FTT and SRM for longer term spot buys, Sam Bankman-Fried is an incredibly smart and successful quant trader in whom I truly believe
to make amazing projects.

If in need, here is my referral for FTX exchange: https://ftx.com/#a=marko (5% fee discount)

*not investment advice*