DASH:USD Grinding Higher. $20,000 still possible this cycle

impact on DASH. The marketing approach for DASH has also been switched form “it’s a privacy centric coin” to “Privacy is opt in” and “DASH is not more private than BTC”. I think this pivot will help their case. No matter how you look at it, DASH has impressive adoption throughout Latin America and is solving real world issues for people who really need it.

What adoption? Over 5000 merchants accept DASH as payment, it’s got more than 2000 ATMs worldwide, processes over 20,000 transactions per day and it’s helping people escape hyperinflation in places like Venezuela. It’s currently used as much as BTC in Venezuela. For me, these metrics are very BULLISH

Something I found interesting was the unusual volume spike. When I see FUD and a corresponding Volume spike like that it always makes me pay attention. This is a common trick used in the market. Release FUD, buy the dip. Don’t let them shake you out. Play the higher timeframes. Win. You’re in before the big players. Don’t let them steal your coins. If you want to check the volume out I use (coin trader . pro) go to charts and look at the arrogated volume (Does anyone know how to see the combined volume here?). There’s the same strange buy spike for ZEC, XRM, LTC and a few others. It’s not a small anomaly, it’s like a whale has just market bought 10x the daily volume on each of them. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS

Key points:

  • Higher highs, higher lows
  • Broke-out and re-tested descending trend-line
  • Broke the Jan- Feb 2020 high, first major higher high since Dec 2017
  • Currently trading above the High volume node ($70-$85), This should act as strong support

Things to keep an eye on:

  • Broke the Jan- Feb 2020 high but failed to stay above it (Swing frailer pattern)
  • Break down from the lows and channel line at $61 & I’m calling GG for 2021
  • Small high volume node at around $180 in line with the Jun 2019 high
  • Watch for resistance at the 0.5 & 0.618 Fibs on the way up.

Supporting the points above:

Never Trust. Verify.
D.Y.O.R. Not Financial Advice Just an Observation.
Technical Analysis is not about being right, it’s about increasing your odds.
Be prepared to be wrong. Risk management is key. Capital preservation above all else