BTC# 53 — 01/27/2021 With the help of support breakout to the u

Hello Together,

Enclosed, as always, is my update on the BTC price.

We are still in our descanding triangle. We had formed a small W pattern yesterday. This has also broken out to the upside to our resistance (green line). As mentioned in the livestream yesterday, I expect a rejaction here. As expected, we did not manage to break through resistance. Our red line is serving as good support right now and helping us form lower highs for BTC . This could let us get closer to our upper resistance line of our Descanding Triangle. As long as we don’t break the red/orange and of course the pink line to the downside, we are still on a course to exit the descanding triangle with a breakout to the upside!

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Stay healthy!

Your Schueco

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