Long YFI / BTC

Activation of the transaction only when the blue zone is fixed/broken.

The idea is to work out the resistance level (global and local).
The global zone is a priority, the local zone can work out as you like, it is just an additional transaction within the global “triangle” of consolidation, you can use the combination of transactions of the two zones at your own risk.
* Possible closing of a trade before reaching the take/stop zone. The author can close the deal for subjective reasons, this does not completely cancel the idea and is not a call to the same action, you can continue working out the idea according to your data, but without the support of the author.
+ Maybe right now we will go even lower, then it’s okay, the idea is not activated and simply canceled.

The “forecast” tool is used for more noticeable display of % (for the place of the usual % scale) of the price change, I do not put the date and time of the transaction, only %.

Blue zones – activation zones.
Green zones – take zones.
The red zone – stop zone.

Working out the stop when the price returns to the level after activation + fixing in the red zone.

Orange arrow – the direction of take.
Blue arrow – neutral scenario without activating the trade.
The red arrow – the direction of the stop.

P.S Please use RM (risk management) and MM (money management) if you decide to use my ideas, there will always be unprofitable ideas, this will definitely happen, the goal of the system is that there will be more profitable ideas at a distance.