BSV/USD Set For Take Off!?

But how high will it go?
I put three price targets that could be hit within this month.
Based on BSV /USD past trend, I would see no reason why the minimum price target would not get hit.

One of the questions I’m asking myself is, what happens IF we break trend going north?
Could we see a $2,000 or $3,000 or maybe $5,000 BSV price this month or year?

Technically speaking, it would be in price discovery mode. But this isn’t the first time BSV has blasted through the ATH and only to find it trading much lower one year later.

I think we could see higher prices than what many might think, and if we do see those price points, I still don’t think the masses have started buying BSV . Seeing as how hard is to purchase BSV .

Also, I think BSV has the potential to go much higher than many might think too.
Have people considered all the BSV that hasn’t been collected from the fork due to people either not caring about it or not knowing how to retrieve it from the fork?

Same goes for BCH, and if they didn’t collect their BCH, why would they collect their BSV?

There’s probably hundreds or thousands and potentially a million + of BSV that are either lost or people aren’t going to ever collect due to them thinking it’s a scam or they hate CSW and Calvin or whatever reason.

Maybe they don’t know how to collect their BSV from the fork?

Anyway, who knows how high BSV can go and the time frame it can happen is anyone’s guess.

At the time of writing this, BSV is finding some support between $230 and $240 price and is trading between $250 and $260.

Good Luck Everyone!
Hope this helps and also makes sense, thanks for reading my thoughts : )