DOCK is taking quite a while to find a way to break out of 0.02$ zone so it can continue to move up to 0.03$ zone
If DOCK continues to fail to break 0.02$ then it will easily fall back to 0.014$ zone in mid-January.

👉Jan 11 : Migration Incentive Ends
👉Jun 30 : Launch PoS Testnet
👉Jun 30 : Launch PoS Mainnet

-Buy: 0.2-0.21$ if A. SL if B

-Sell: 0.29-0.3$. SL if A

-Sell: 0.2-0.21$ if B. SL if A
-Buy: 0.135-0.145$. SL if B

Condition A : “If 1D candle closes ABOVE this zone”
Condition B : “If 1D candle closes BELOW this zone”