Still tread carefully with this one. It has not confirmed any sort of brekk out like many of the other alts. It is possible to still see another low. I’m super bull long term but i’ve realized that 99 percent of crypto isnt long term like me. THEY WANT THAT GIMME GIMME NOW NOW! INSTANT GRATIFICATION GENERATION. It’s disappointing. I cant count how many times i’ve had ppl message me asking what they should do. I always told them buy btc , eth, alts. Then lock onto a hardware wallet. Would you believe that NOT ONE person ever took my advice? Those ppl are long gone after blowing out accounts on derivatives and other day trading non sense. Buy and hold guys. Pick a handful of projects buy and store away. Only use money you can lose. Diversify dont go full r.tard on one project. Lol at xrp cultists. Just like myself i truly believe in the future of XTZ. But i would never just hold XTZ. Research! Stay away from Reddit for financial advice and actually any where tbh. Take everything i say with a grain of salt. As many times i have been right i have been wrong.