I thought I would update my previous posts on the Fibonacci Log Growth Curves that seem to predict support and resistance zones quite well.

Bitcoin has been on a tear and we all want to know if it will:
1) Fall back to major support at Fib 0%
2) Pull back then try again to break Fib 50%
3) Keep going up to Fib 100%

I have drawn out the 3 scenarios on the chart. It is important you scroll back through the chart to see how Bitcoin reacted to the Fibonacci 50% level in the past. You will notice in 2017 it broke through Fib 50% then fell back and gathered more steam to try again and it hit almost 20k in 2017. This is my scenario #2.

Also note I am using a 19 Week MA (orange line) that tends to act as better support than the 20 week or 21 week MA. Scroll back and see if I’m right.