ALGO the Star 🌟: a Fresh Look pointing at +80%

Shwatup doe! Hope you are healthy wealthy and blessed

It is a wild and beautiful day in the world of crypto, I hope all of you are experiencing it in joy!

Now here we are looking at ALGO on the daily time frame, zoomed way out so BIG PICTURE ya; and what do we see?!
I have been simply drawing trend lines on this chart throughout the past month or so and hadn’t noticed this star pattern forming, that is until this last parabolic upswing that seems to want to connect the 5-point star pattern to its peak point of $0.94 USD … the 4.236 Fibonacci extension of our recent low of $0.27 that happens to coincide with the trend line of our previous peaks.


Maybe we should ask the stars… ✨

As I said in my last idea titled ALGO Bullish Trend … , “if .47 is broken, we could see a quick move to the .53 area”

Well, here we are bounced off .53 to support at .49 and now back up sitting right under .53 , at .5064 , with .52 looking like it wants to become support for further uptrend. With a breakout over .52 with support confirmation, this trade comes into play.

If this star pattern plays out, we may see some resistance at $0.68-$0.70

There looks to be STRONG support at $0.42, and strong support at $0.47 and $0.49, with strength and VOLUME building here at the $0.50-$0.52 level

Long open for possible +80% gains from $0.52 – $0.94

These are my ideas and I am simply sharing them with you. Please assume your own risk and management. I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

One Love ❤️