First of all allow me to wish everyone a Happy New Year! This community is and has been more than great this past year and even though we are all here for trading/ investing, let me wish everyone above all good health and prosperity.
Do you think BTC go higher and higher to connect with other planets via a straight line with no rest ? I dont think like that. BTC need some correction.According to technical analysis and Dow theory BTC will start his/her correction up to 50 to 61.8 % of 3700 $ up to 33400 $( C to D) and then will continue to higher price that analyzed by The most famous people in the world,So be careful of your stop loss and be sure to use Stop Loss. Do not greed, because studies of trader history have shown that people who are greedy have not won the field.
Please comment your opinion and share your idea with me THANKS ALOT