Now a good sign is something else obviously, this means no matter at what point you bought EOS with BTC it was a bad idea. On the other hand this could signal a trade with epic gains. If we do break this pattern 5 x up until april is possible! It isnt really clear what caused this absolute destruction of EOS. Many people in the community blame Blumer and block one, others blame Dan Larimer. Ethereum fans have also set up countless of websites and forums where they ridicule and defame EOS and probably the Ethereum whales also shorted EOS at every critical point. Either way we don’t exactly know what is the cause of this, but it’s important to know however. If anyone has any suggestions please let us know in the comments.!

One thing is for sure, EOS still packs the best technology in the top 20, also according to Chinese experts, I also did the research and this is the case. EOS is the fastest coin and has no transaction fees, in the realm of computers that is very important. Sadly that never showed in the price action. In my opinion it’s that block one and dan larimer are very bad at marketing, they had a great product, but they just didn’t know how to sell it.