Good probability of an upside move on the 1 hr chart.

4 hour chart showing potential of a pullback to follow after a test of the 200 day MA on 1 hr chart.

Following that we have the daily chart setting up for a big move, my target would be back around .45.

I feel that after that we will inevitably see a lot of selling pressure leading up to Jan 19th. This could fulfill the .10 prophecies and potentially even lower. I would expect the carnage to start the week before trading is suspended.

If we have a decent bullish move in the coming week we might only fall back to price levels recently established and form a double bottom or slightly higher low on Macro timeframe.

XRP is either hated or loved. You do you but this is an asset Ive decided to watch for years and I firmly believe this coin will not only survive but thrive in the long term.

To anyone who is hoping to “jump back in” when trading is resumes is keen to avoid some risk. Just know that by avoiding risk you are also avoiding the possibility for serious rewards (in terms of this asset, you certainly can make money elsewhere). What if it recovers before trading is allowed to US investors? You will miss out that is what.

This coin going to zero is not a guaranteed outcome rather pure speculation.

Tesla (stock) did “pretty good” after they sorted out their SEC issue.

Hate XRP now and hate it 1000 times more when it’s at numbers that were claimed to be unreachable.

Due to the nature of the global money supply there was once millionaires, then billionaires and now in my lifetime there will be trillionaires. Let that sink in.

I believe there is an almost certain guarantee of extremely volatile price movements in the coming weeks as bears and bulls fight over whats left of this shit sandwich of a situation. I mean if the SEC really cared about the small investors, why would they wait until after a massively hyped and published airdrop event to make allegations? They let everyone climb into the boat first so to speak. To me it seems extremely strange when considering the timing of everything. Sometimes its best to read between the lines.

But long term, XRP has been building a network that is global based for years and if you didn’t notice Brexit is a thing and they aren’t really sure what form of money they will use. XRP has been mentioned specifically by the bank of England (er the world should I say), BIS, IMF and ECB. In a macro setting the writing is on the wall. To the unknowing populous the stage has been set.

Cash out of XRP completely and you might just be buying back at a steep premium.

Just sayin’ –> Not Financial Advice.

Happy new year to all I wish you endless happiness and abundant love.