SUSHI-4h. Buyers are preparing for test $3-3.1.

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The tragic fall in the price of SUSHI on December 23 by 50% upset many investors. Within an hour, some investors lost all potential profits, which could be from November 26. The other part lost their deposits.

However, patient investors who placed limit orders to buy SUSHI received a pleasant surprise.

Since December 2, the angle of growth of the SUSHI price has changed significantly. The white trend line, which held the SUSHI price from December 4, is now under the control of buyers. The price continues to trade in the growth channel. Sellers complete the local correction.

The liquidity range $2.25-2.32 is also under the control of buyers. If we pay attention to the period from 2 to 13 December, it becomes clear that this range is valuable for forecasting further medium-term price movements. This range can serve as a turning point for the current loyal wave of fall.
Holding this range, the price of SUSHI will begin to grow with a target of $3-3.1.

The critical point of the SUSHI growth scenario is $2.15. Below this mark, sellers will quickly lower the price to $1.86.
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