I hate being right. Another bull flag. BUT…

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So i’m pretty confident we broke another bull flag . Heading to 31k in the next 24hrs. BUT. i’m equally confident using some historical analysis (and making some future assumptions) that this trend is going to mirror the dec 2017 to jan 2018 chart. It HAS literally tracked identically to Nov 30th till today in 2017. (Run from 7-800 to 1.3k and back down to test the $800 level immediately after the new year).

But i would suggest everyone take a look at the daily 10/1 to 2/1 from 17-18 for insights. I suspect after the retest of 22k we are on a smooth, 2month track to 50k.

I am NOT a financial advisor and don’t know what i’m talking about. Take the opposite of my advice.