HBAR / BTC – Potential Double Bottom

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BTC pair has reached the (All Time Low) bottom and at the same level of exactly one year ago. Look left and you can see what happend then.
We can see here a potential double bottom on the daily candles.
Wait for a clear reversal to get into this trade.

On the 15 minutes lower timeframe we already see a reversal. The 20 EMA has crosses above the 50 SMA .
If The 20 EMA crosses above 50 SMA on the 1 hour candles we will see a clear start of a new uptrend for the HBAR BTC pair.

My targets for the long run when the 20 EMA crosses above the 50 SMA on the 1 hour candles:
.00000292 (.236 fib)
.00000401 (.382 fib)
.00000489 (.5 fib)

I will take 30% profit around every fib rule and buy it back when it retraces to a support level and makes a new reversal.

!!! Never loose a winning trade !!!