Reverse position (long) is more than 1000 points (BTC/USDT)

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Hello dear friends.
The previous short position did not work, but we reversed the position and got the desired profit of more than 1000 points.

At this time, I am extremely cautious – but I look towards long positions, because we had a bullish channel , a triple peak, an ascending triangle , as well as an impulse – which I wrote about yesterday (yes, all my thoughts that I wrote in comments – they came true)

We bought (opened long) from 24680

target 25290 – 25870 – 26440 – 26940
Stop loss at 23300

For so much time of my trading, I understand that it is not necessary to trade on my expectations, as well as against the market.

Likewise – my subscriber wrote to me, why am I analyzing the market so well, and hold a losing position to the last?

Indeed – thanks for the support, I will fix it.

All pleasant and profitable trades. Happy Holidays to you all