XLM Best Altcoin we have= XLM to $126,40 new ATH

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Dear traders,

i was calculating XLMBTC in a new ATH , last time was 86X, now i am calculating 20X, not so crazy.
But when BTC is 100.000 then XLM will be $126, 40
USDC will be in the stellar network and with IBM the new digital dollar, so what you think will happen to XLM??? Blowing your mind off.
Did you see the background of IBM into the stellar network, it’s full of software. look at the stellar site, you will be amazed.
a lot of people don’t know anything about stellar , dive into it. it’s much more then all the other coins together.

So yes it’s a bit crazy $126, 40 , but 1 thing is sure a 2X is sure and that is also $12,64 per XLM .

Good trading,