BTC Pullback to $20K, then long to new ATH at $30K

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Would we be so lucky as to get a textbook pullback to the prior all time high ( ATH ) and breakout point around $20,000? One would think that may be too easy; however, it could definitely happen!

The 4H 200SMA and the 4H 200EMA have confluence with the prior breakout zone around $20,000 and have held as support since October, 2020 as can be seen here:

In the last chart, can also see very low value VPVR nodes from $19,500 to $22,600.

If we break below $22,600, then I suspect we’ll see a quick move down to $19,500 – $20,000! If that holds as support, then I suspect BTC will explode to new all time highs!

The target for this potential new ATH is the 1.618 Fibonacci extension from the prior weekly consolidation as shown here:

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Guide to My Charts

-The dark magenta horizontal lines are support/resistance ‘zones’. If price pierces though one side of the support/resistance zone, it is likely to head to the next support/resistance zone!

-Yellow lines are typically used to chart out pattern formations and trend lines!

-The colored lines are MAs (Red: 10SMA, Yellow: 21EMA, Green: 55EMA, Blue: 89EMA, Purple: 200EMA, White: 200SMA, Maroon: 377EMA).

-Horizontal white and green lines may be Fibonacci levels. The 0.382 and the 0.618 Fibs are green and the rest are white.

-The Historical Volatility Percentile, RSI , and/or stochastics indicators are below the chart if displayed.

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Entry: $20100.0
Entry Zone: $19,500-$20,200

T1: $21,000
T2: $21,500
T3: $22,375
T4: $23,860
T5: $25,000
T6: $26,000
T7: $26,900

Stop: $17889.5

R:R: 3.08
Risk: 11.00%
Reward: 33.83%
Leverage: 3X
Leveraged Risk: 33.00%
Leveraged Reward: 101.49%


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