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OUCH she dropped hard fuckn ripple…

The Alt market was already being sucked down by BTC n ETH as retail_fiat held and even propelled these alts. The XRP what is a security especially doesn’t play well for the crypto market as people look to exit positions especially anyone concerned over USA regulations_views regarding crypto policy. BUT THIS IS THE TRUMP position. WE will see…

OVER all as BTC dominates in sheer NEW market cap this last month plus. almost doubling in one month from the 1750 t0 2100 level supporting this new unexplored territory, establishing 150billion plus in support from 1850 n up… As we have reduced ALT positions in percent of portfolio and number of alts, sticking to our long term HODLs, BTC , n COST average rebuy of ETH in this 580 to 530 range.


CEL_ Just get in. IT dont matter where just buy m forget up to 3.50 _look for 4.00 plus by 2022
CHSB_If in USA need a VPN app but this swiss crypto entry point is huge for mass adoption_non US etc FOR US look at VOYAGER_VGX n maybe CRO (.04s best) if they ever get their shit together.
ADA_This ETHEREUM hedge_BUY the dip dedicate to a staking pool and forget about it.
ALGO_ another ETH hedge_ buy the dip .32 to .29 n under but i doubt she will be there much longer. A LOT of consolidation at this level get in why u can. SHOOT it to the ALGORAND wallEt and you earn ALGos that simple. The partnerships_ people using their blockchain is crazy from governments to big cloud based business etc n most IMPORTANTLY SMART CONTRACT scalable…

Look to the next DeFi CeFi craze… great time to take a position _BUY DIPS_TAKE PROFITS


MANA_NFTs are getting hit especially bad as this XRP what is a security, at least as far as the US is concerned but with trump on the way out we believe this is mostly hype… at least the wallet deal maybe not so much the XRP drama and “what is a security” is a major concern. Biden will hopefully back this off but being, at least technically a different entity arm whatever they will set policy and expect everyone to get in line. HANG ON CRYPTO ALTS


DONT get spread to thin. IF 1k only 2 or 3 things like ETH BTC n one or two long like CEL ADA or ALGO. if 5k 5 to 6 at most. These positions are got over time, and most importantly never EV3R b3 skEEERD to take profits…