going further down

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well, it’s becoming more and more clear at least to me, that we are heading down. all my indiacators, MACD , Stochastic , DMI and especially Momentum are showing the path down in minor time frames. I’ve used my fib tool to guess where could we find some support and as you can see it could be really nasty.
First line of defense in my opinion would be somewhere around 20200-20700 which coincides with 4H SMA-100 and EMA-100 too. so it could be a strong support. in case we loose that, somewhere around 19500 would be our second major support at 4H SMA-200 and EMA-200 around 19500 area.
but be careful, it’s BTC we are talking about and we all know that it could be really tricky. if you are going short hear, use a tight stop loss and as always do your own research before taking any decision, and even after that think twice.
trade safe.