Pennant, failing that confluence of support close to 21500$ mark

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Awaiting further signals: we have a bullish pennant forming.
On confirmation i would expect a further test of resistance, looking for a breakout.
Failing to confirm, this pennant may turn into a flag eventually.

Anyway, as you notice both MACD and RSI seem not much supportive of a proper breakout for now.

So let’s look at hypothetical plan B.
I’d like to highlight the confluence of 3 interim supports close to the 21500$ (+/- 200$) in the next 1/2 days.
That area should provide a decent and increasing degree of support for a while.
So in case of a drop would evaluate that area.

Failing that main support is rising from below 20000$ towards FIB 0.382.
That’s bulls last stand.