bearish sentiment for Chainlink and that it’s a possible liquidation and reversal of the trend.

Now, looking the chart in H4 timeframe, we see that the price action speaks us that we would need to sell Chainlink toward the $12 dollars again find down the same trend support line.

So guys, I entry in the market price around of $13.51 USD with a SL at $14.17 USD and my target profit will be $12 dollars.

Good luck in this short position toward the $12 USD, and maybe we could to entry in bought approximately at $12 dollars.

But now, if we enfocous more in H8, Chainlink was formed at the same chartist apttern ABC , maybe this it’s a consequence of stability that Chainlink make and that could be a possible consolidation, but a consolidation that we can to get an extra benefit.

So, I reccomend to closed up manually the long position on Chainlink now!!!