XRPUSD Bullish Upward Trend, .68 potentially in sight

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New upward trend established, extremely bullish , however, caution is required, because the Fear and Greed index for Crypto is in Extreme Greed (92). While many think Bitcoin will grow to 200K or more, it will likely have corrections downard some times to consolidate, and that will likely impact XRP which tends to follow it.

Currently, XRP Is pushing against the resistance line at .60 cents (a good sign for growth), If it breaks it the next levels appear to be at, .6288, .6810, and .7118 on the 15 minute chart. The Yellow shows the upward bound and lower trend best on recent local highs and lows. Looks promising to reach .6810 before establishing support.

The support lines between .60 and .6810 are critical levels that it must break through to establish a new upward trend longterm.