Hi everyone.

BTC broke 20,000 today. Many people will likely looking into the buys.

While certainly BTC will rise in time, the question is it it now or later ?

First we understand the nature of the market, and we see BTC broke the previous all time top, and the “20,000” price for the first time.
This usually will create certain volatility as people around the world would likely to hear from this, and potentially jumping in and looking to invest.
All these will no doubt create liquate and momentum for any market.

Second, looking at it strictly price action point of view. when we see a strong impulsive phrase in the market, we want to wait for the continuation structure/correction to form to confirm the further move.
In this case, a bullish continuation correction/structure would be ideal.

Lets see how the market develops in the up coming days/week.

Thank you