Bitcoin price seems stuck at 20k resistance zone . But here is a beautiful thing I have found on the chart.
Current price action can be compared to 2019 rally. I showing beautiful fractal , and what important is — the number 0.618. You may find I put Fibonacci retracement on the right screen in 2019 chart. The Fibonacci ruler put between swing high and low (number 1 at support line), and magic is 0.618 point (golden ratio) sets exactly at touch number 3 on resistance line, and the numbers are not random.
I think I noticed similar sequence of touches to the trend line Blue and Red, and marked them with numbers.
So the same analysis I send to the left screen on 2020/21 chart, and it following same sequence of trend lines touches and I was wondering to put 0.618 Fib ratio from touch 1 at support line, up to 3 touch on resistance, and I get number 22000$. I think it could be possible next swing high.

So now we can take our decision to take next trade according to our risk management.
Let luck be on our side.

Best regards,
Artem Shevelev