MUST SEE! LINK/USD To This Price!?! Here’s How…

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Let’s Talk LINK/USD

So this baby is staring at a dark scenario to $6, however depending on what side of it you are on that could be very profitable as well.

If you follow my style of trading and system I’m very big on acknowledging both counts to the market so we can be prepared for either scenario.
But we also have to pick a side, so we have had a short setup on LINK since 13.10, which is standing up about 10% at time of writing.

So the bearish invalidation is going to be surpassing previous high at 14.88. Until then downside potential seems strong.

Let’s also talk about the upside potential. If downside count is invalidated at 14.88 basically, then that’s where we should also know where the upside potential lies. It’s hard to deny that LINK’s current climb in the ascending channel has been corrective, it had the opportunity and dropped the ball, so if we’re going to move higher it will have to be as a complex structure and we should likely look for a 1:1 extension in the green count that takes us to 25.74. In this case it’d have to be a running flat at most and then take us higher.

Multiple ways to trade the intraday on this as it plays out in either direction. Follow along to keep updated with the count and for more info check out my signature tag below.

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