BTC 2021 Onwards Outlook

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This is my Logarithmic BTC chart based on the stock to flow ratio from 2012-2020 onwards.

We can see BTC has proven to be the best performing asset class period with the best risk to reward ratio.

My Logarithmic chart represents fundamentals of-

Elliot wave theory bull runs 1235 followed by ABC corrections, Rinse and repeat.
Every corrective bottom from wave C was measured to the top of wave 5 which is the 1.68 Fib Extension

This also has logical cases for-

BTC halving,
Scars supply of only 21 million
Endless supply of QE in our monetary systems which BTC has proven to be a store of value towards inflation and a falling dollar
Market Cap increasing rapidly from mass adoption
Capturing Institutional interest
The outlook for future innovation will be digitization

” But hey wtf do I know”