In this video I go over the 11 “buy” signals posted by the Hash Ribbons in BTC’s entire history. Every single one of them came with a significant move higher in the days and weeks after, but one of them came with an absolute epic move that lasted 469 days until the all time high near 20k in Dec 2017.

That move was a 3,100% higher from the moment that “buy” hash ribbons posted its final buy signal on August 2016 all the way to the top of the ATH in Dec 2017. This also occurred after the July 2016 halving event.

Just like then, today we had a halving event in May 2020 and now have posted a blue circle “buy” on November 30th. This could be the final buy signal that unleashes the mother of all bull markets like we saw in 2017, considering the average retail trader hasn’t even bought into this market yet. We still have a LONG way to go up in price.