Bitcoin , Bitcoin seen a 35% drop from the test of ATH before breaking it.

In the present 2020 time this drop would mean a 35% drop from $20.000, which is located at $13.000 per Bitcoin which corresponds to daily 200 EMA .

When we consider the fact that Bitcoin is more widely spread, the demand is significantly higher and also the market cap is way higher, such correction to $13.000 is unlikely to happen and we would rather expect a revisit to 50 daily EMA which is located at $16.700.

The big difference is also in the strong denial we’ve seen in 2017, as the double top resulted in a immediate sell off, that we didn’t saw these days when current all time high was retested.

Move to $13.000 is pretty unlikely, but still possible based on history even when considering these mentioned factors that are in the favor of bulls.