ADA.USDT (Y20.P5.E2).Looking for the next play

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Using what I have, in terms of trend lines , fib and MA, I’m guessing like BTC , that we have 1 more major move to the upside before we have the big pullback.
Based on the macro chart, I have 2 targets, chart below.

If we don’t hold this Orange band, then this opens the door for further pullbacks and its most likely the big move in play.

For now, here is my bullish hypothesis.

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WEEKLY Chart: I don’t think ALT season will come big, but if it does, then I have the overperformance version. But for now, I’m looking at the likelyhood of 1 more play, towards $0.20 to $0.23, If the overperformance kicks in, then close to $0.30


PREVIOUS POST was spot on, and as I stated, if we have 1 more shot to the top, we are looking at over performance target. on this post.