How to avoid painful stress from market correction?

Hello, friends!

The cryptocurrency market is correcting again. For many new traders, this time brings a lot of pain and suffering, because if you didn’t manage to fix the profit, money on your account becomes less, the strass state is gaining momentum. And because of that many unnecessary panic actions occur.

Since I communicate a lot with beginners, I can say that every correction (even the smallest one) is a huge lump of negativity that rolls over and becomes overgrown with the fear of continuing the trading path.

That’s all natural, because it is impossible to calmly watch how money becomes less!

Precisely because I went through all this myself, the whole painful path, I understand this and accept it.

How to avoid this?

🔴DON’T risk huge amounts of money for hope, that you’ll be rich tomorrow.

🔴DON’T throw responsibility for your actions on another person.

🔵ACCEPT your mistakes, analyze them and you will not make them again!

🔵LEARN, learn and only learn: on your mistakes, read TA literature, trader psychology (you should know what feelings traders experience in the market – you’re not the first, you’re not the last, everyone went through this)!

My lovely, friends, stay safe and be cool🧡

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