Bullish on XRP

Just a chart I’ve been toying with in regards to XRP price action and where we could be heading. Could potentially retrace to test 0.55 and then make a measured move upward to resemble the original move up before the current retrace.

I see XRP either pulling down to that 0.55 level (if BTC fails to push $22K in short term) followed by a strong move upward, assuming BTC can bounce off of previous support at the high $17K range, or it can take off from here during this hefty consolidation that has been happening and make a move to 0.95 before back testing previous support. I believe we will know more once BTC decides on making a move – I do think they are coupled strongly as of now, but this could change during this run.

Mainly would appreciate some like/comments to get my rep up! Thanks – Not an expert/pro.