BAND is looking pretty well primed on the 1D chart. It’s completing a nice inverse head-and-shoulders reversal against support at $4, which was a 0.786 retrace from the prior high, and against resistance just below $8. I’ll buy some of this now and through a zone from $7 back down to $4 as necessary. Having that downside DCA range is important because if BTC makes a big move (in either direction) then we are likely to see an alt dip, but we have support from 1D EMA200 around $5.50 and main support at $4, so it’s not too likely we go below that level.

I think this will move quickly once we are through the $8 resistance, and we’ll be looking for the next wave 3 to achieve a 1.618 extension compared with wave 1, up to around $32 for a 400%+ profit within 2 – 4 months. Longer term I think the target could be $50 – $80 later in 2021, but I will review overall crypto market if/when we get to the exit range to decide what percentage to sell.