As you can see VET broke out of a downtrend.
It will take some time to go up again to levels where he was before.
First of all I want to show the uptrend that is going on.
Trendline straight up.
ALso the EMA is showing some positive sings.

A: most likely it will go this path (no financial advice).
B: if A doesn’t work out immediately and it receives some resistance it will bounce a little in this area and then break out.
C: total rejection and it will go to lower resistance lines again
D: bullrun scenario when BTC goes down and Altcoins will boom.

All indicators show VET will rise long term.
But besides that there are many other reasons.
VET has a lot of big plans going on in 2021 and 2020 was also a beautiful year for them.

My personal outcome for VET in bullrun after BTC dominance goes down:
it will get to 0.4$, possible to max 1$.

Why not +1$?
calculate yourself, supply x price = market cap from +1T, is impossible.

Feel free to comment, add or question.
These are also my first releases on tradingview and I’m still learning a lot.

Thanks for reading
and please leave a comment/your view about VET!