Happy Thanksgiving everybody! May peace, kindness & laughter be as abundant as the food for you and your family today. It sure seems like the massive selloff in BTC over the past 24hrs was prompted by retail investors wanting liquidity for Christmas shopping. And hey, why not? They invested their hard earned money, put it to work for a while and now get to enjoy it on tangible things like tv’s, ipad’s, PS5’s, clothing, jewelry, kids toys, appliances, you name it, etc. This is the thing, I won’t be surprised if institutional investors, with plenty of liquidity on the sidelines, see this as an opportunity to gobble up more bitcoin . Just like we will all be gobbling up our Thanksgiving meals today, I suspect bitcoin will be gobbled up at these levels quite quickly. I did a multi time frame analysis: week, day, 4hour; showing 3 year, month and 5day in the windows. Also, personally I jumped in at the lows the past few hours when indicators started showing strength again. So, on the 1 week time frame, BTC is still bullish and although the price is within record setting range, the volumeema is much more steady and it’s not showing a sharp peak like it did in 2017, also the rsi is more steady. On the 1 day, BTC is still showing weakness on it’s trajectory of volume ema , rsi is slightly divergent. On the 4 hour, which is usually a good time frame to see a reversal, BTC is showing conflicting signals, bullish on volume ema reversal in trajectory and still bearish on rsi divergence, yet looks oversold on the rsi level now. All in all, I did and I will split my entries into 4 hour blocks, to kinda do a dollar cost average, also it is good risk management to not go all in at a time if there is a further breakdown. Do your own due diligence, your risk is 100% your responsibility. You win some or you learn some. Consider being charitable with some of your profit to help humankind. Small incremental steps work : If you double a penny for a month it = $5,368,709. Good luck and happy trading friends…

*3x lucky 7s of trading 101*

7pt Trading compass:
Price action, entry/exit
Volume average/direction
Trend, patterns, momentum
Newsworthy current events
Revenue & Earnings
Debt / Cash
Book value, assets

7 Common mistakes:
+5% portfolio trades
Bad risk management
Emotions & Opinions
FOMO : bad timing
Lack of planning & discipline
Forgetting restraint
Obdurate repetitive errors

7 Important tools:
Trading View app!, Brokerage UI
Accurate indicators & settings
Wide screen monitor/s
Trading log (pencil & graph paper)
Big organized desk
Reading books, playing chess
Sorted watch-list

Checkout my indicators:
Fibonacci VIP volume
Fibonacci MA7 – price
pi RSI – trend momentum

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