Gut feeling at this point that the ALTs will have its turn while BTC is creating a macro reversal or a continuation pattern.
Hence we are looking like having the 2nd day in a row getting a red on the BTC dominance daily candle, chart below.
Its too early to call it, but its just a feeling that we can have a few more days like this. while BTC domain tests 1 of 2 levels as per my chart.
I will not advise to go long on the ALTs yet until we have many days to confirm its a reversal or retracement level like in August.

I have noted that ETH. BTC pairing has hit a key support level with a bullish divergence which is the reason its playing out.
Refer to my previous link for details

Further more, I revisited the macro and discovered some key point as per this chart and more below.

LINK is also doing a similar pattern, however ETH is much more advanced in passing and testing the inverted barr resistance now support.
I have it going to $830 but obviously some resistance levels along the way, there will be no straight line.

My thoughts:
If you havn’t bought into ETH at $460 to $470, don’t buy now over $500 as its likely to retest $483 to $500 in a day or 2.
I could be wrong it just depends how high this impulse goes from here.

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ETH.USDT dialy

ETH macor overview: found a new trend line that wasn’t on my previous charts, which is the key one I believe.

BTCdominance daily