Alpha 4h Soon x3 or -60%


Alpha Finance Lab is a young but ambitious, multifeature DeFi platform.
The first Alpha Finance Lab project product of is Alpha Lending and the Alpha token. Decentralized lending protocol with algorithmically regulated interest rates built on Binance Smart Chain.

This is where the powerful crypto Binance player interest in the project emerges. By chance, more than 40% of trading volumes are concentrated on this exchange.

The Alpha token has been growing since the beginning of November, following BTC , but has made much more +650% in half a month.

We can assume that pushing price upward will continue from $0.11 to $0.34 in order to maximize the attention to the project.

Keeping Alpha token below $0.0865 can be unprofitable for your deposit.
Each “like under the idea” boosts the level of our happiness by 0.05%. If we help you to be calmer and richer – help us to be happier 🙂