bullish , on the XRPBTC chart… We also hit this one nicely on the previous analysis…

I am here to tell you that there will be more.

The “W Pattern” almost always plays out but it can also go like the “Cup & Handle”.

Meaning, it can go straight up but there can also be a retrace before the price jump.

Currently, we have our targets set at EMA50 (0.00001895) followed by MA200 (0.00002161).
These can be hit in just a few days.

This is not financial advice of course and you still need to build a plan/strategy before you trade.

Trading tips

Use this chart as an ‘add’ to your own tools, your own research, to give it strength.

  • If you are already bullish for example, my chart can help you support that view.
  • If you are bearish , you can use this to compare and maybe rethink the signals that you read.
    Whatever happens in the end…

    Remember that practice makes perfect…

    And you deserve the best.