MKR (Maker) coin, the price of the tool in the lateral movement, having shaped the horizontal channel external and internal, width external 70% and internal 25%. Also, the price broke the channel down several times and was fixed lower, but then it was bought back and the price was returned to the channel. The instrument is available for trading on spot and is available for trading in derivatives in a short on the huobi exchange.
Options for working with the instrument:
1. From external channel boundaries (risk)
2. From the borders of the internal channel (more secure)
3. When the price goes out and is fixed above or below a channel, in a short or long one.

At present, the price is within the boundary of the internal channel. A break-up of the triangle up or down, potential movement by the width of the triangle base. But for me personally, the most interesting is the deal from the borders of the external channel and when you go beyond its borders.

Always use stop loss, and do not use the leverage more than x3.
A trader should always have tomorrow.
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