Like so many DeFi altcoins that earlier this year, CRV is looking extremely bullish since the bounce. I DCA’d on the way down when I saw bullish divergences forming on the daily and bought a big position at 220-240 sats . Currently letting this ride as I have a bad habit of selling too early.

I’m getting accumulation cylinder vibes.…

If this is an accumulation cylinder, my target is at the top of a parallel channel I drew (can’t see it on this chart), but the top of the channel is 1030-1150 sats . This is also a major horizontal resistance point. Currently trading within a low time frame ascending wedge , which is generally bearish and breaks down, but this would break down to point 7 of the accumulation cylinder. If that’s accurate, then load up at ~ 430 sats .

Good luck to all. Tokenomics on CRV sorta blow, with an inflation rate of 2 million CRV tokens per day, that being said, this chart is sexy.