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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for November 16th .

This is a 30 minute chart created last week.

I couldn’t touch the marked section No 1.

Green support line break away.
(Strong rising section)

At the red support line, after the rebound,
Finished down trend side way move.

Finally, the sky blue support line was broken.

After the futures market closes,
There was a gap diffrence section of about $300.

4 hours chart.

This is the main section of the day.

Orange weekend gap difference main section,

Purple further uptrend
Red, at the support line

It seems like the direction will be decided.

If you reach the red support line first,
With the MACD dead cross on the daily chart

Adjustments may continue.

Focusing on this part,
I have a trading strategy.

This is the main section of the day.

It’s a 30-minute chart. neutral strategy.

Red support line / green resistance line
Focusing on the convergence section, we have come up with a trading strategy.

Overall, Weekend gap difference, based on several conditions
It is seen as a sideways upward .

Section 1, before and after breakthrough
Blue finger section / red arrow section
It seems to be distinguished.

When touching the gap difference return section,
After adjustment, the final long position operation.

Stop loss Revise and,
Long position operation seems advantageous.

If , can not Thouch No 1 section
Up to the green support line, can break away.

Please refer to it.

It is a spot exchange.

Currently, all major altcoins
You have reached the danger zone.

According to the Bitcoin movement,
Bitcoin Cash , Bitcoin SV
There was a big drop.

If Bitcoin succeeds in rebound today

Ripple movement is expected.

As much as it fell a lot,
If bitcoin rises
Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV also

There may be a strong rebound,
called high-frequency trading can also be advantageous,

But , Stop loss is required.

For beginners, it is better to take a day off.

Then let’s start on a pleasant Monday,
See you in the Nasdaq analysis in the afternoon.

Thank you.