XTZ 11.14.20


XTZ continnues to build the support that we expected and called for over a few months ago now. I had called for a retest of 1.80 to confirm a resistance flipped into support. I told you we needed to confirm this before we had any chance of moving up. Now we fill the lower 2 dollar range just as i had expected. It wont last very long and at most we will be here until q1 of 21. XTZ will completely destroy its ATH in the next year. There is no denying it Tezos Fundamentals continue to grow stronger every day that passes.
XTZ has also completed its most recent upgrade and it is now fully implemented. This effectively reduced gas costs for all transactions by 75 percent. Banks such as Sygnum have taken notice of XTZ and are now offering staking services at its branches. I still expect a huge player like Paypal to begin offering Tezos and ATOM in the near future. XTZ is by far the most superior staking service. Ease of use is unmatched. Xtz has an amazing future and its still so early. If you cant handle the consolidation and pullbacks then you dont deserve to reap the rewards when it does moonshot. AND IT WILL. BET.