BTCUSD Next macro FIb. breaking point


Lets compare some fractals on this XY axis, since I have some interesting timeframes captured.
We may be retesting 15000-16000 Fib levels once more with a hard drop to 15000, and then moving one FIb level at a time (ext. 15400/15500/15750/15880/15960).
If we fail to hold, we will drop first to 14000, then possibly 13000 which will then blast us off through the roof.
If we hold, we are moving to our next macro ressistance level at 17200 roughly, then 19700. where we will consolidate for the next 2 weeks before reaching ath before Christmas. On 25dec I expect the next “30% drop” everybody are speaking about in parabolic runs.
The first “30% drop” is the bearish outcome of this setup.

Not financial Advice.

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