Bitcoin on 15 min and 4 hr


On 4 hr it’s touched support zone and return higher. 3ema crossed down 15 ema . 15 ema used to be support on 4 hr , but now it’s becoming resistance. If it cannot break above it now it will push it down deeper in to support zone on 4hr between 35 ema and 60 ema .
On 15 min time it hits resistance band between 35ema and 60ema and having problem to break higher.
All the stops sitting below low on 4chart. The full reversal for another leg to upside is only it will break above bunch of declining moving averages on 15 min.
4 support was rejecting it so many time before but so many drops make it weaker. Usually first 1-3 drops is best fo rejections up , after it’s getting weaker.
Let’s see how it will hold now.