In depth description is given within the text bubbles on the chart.
Overall the technicals are looking very bullish and are indicating that we are still in a long term bull trend.
If you don’t hold link I would look to accumulate on any dips. Im expecting some sort of shakeout to occur before going up but it will be just that, a shakeout meaning you will have to be on top of getting your buys in.
If you are looking to get in a margin long before sure to follow me as I will post good entries for those too… last one we got in right at 11.50. The best time to get in these margin trades is during the shakeouts when you can catch them.

WARNING: I POST THIS AS “LONG” BUT ON A MID TO LONG TERM TIME FRAME. If you want the best entry you will need to be weary of lower time frames as well. Be sure to follow me and like my ideas as I will give good entries on these shorter time frames and post relevant updates within my publications.