I started trading in late 2019. At first I was making crazy gains , so I thought to myself why haven’t I started trading earlier. Then when I put huge amount of money ,around 70k , I lost it all. At that point, I lost almost all my savings. I couldn’t go to work for a week because I was very depressed. Then in 2020, I decided to buy a TA course and I watched all the videos many times. I learned indicators like Stochastics, RSI , MaCD , EMAS, SMAS , and I was so excited to finally put them to use. And then it was as simple as it was shown. There were so many nuances. I felt like the market markers knew where my SL was and half the time the indicators didn’t work. These indicators that everyone knew just wouldn’t work. I needed something different, something unique.

I stumbled upon Balipour and Pig. There perspective of TA was unique. I had never seen such TA before. I decided to give it a try by using their free indicators. My mind was blown. Their historical Volatility indicator helped me confirm when we are trending, when we are consolidating and when we just broken out. This was so much helpful, especially since it helped me with knowing when the options were cheaper.

I decided to continue with his other indicators and invest into them. His probability indicators were very helpful to me. They were very accurate and sometimes they even acted like Support and Resistance . If i wanted to know the probability that price will close below or above a certain level, the probability indicator was there to help. This made my trading ROI sky rocket. I no longer take dumb trades and only take trades that are useful.

Then I decided to combine his indicators with my past knowledge of indicators like the stochastics. I used his reverse stoch indicator to show me what level would price need to close above for the stochastics to cross up. Then I would use the probability panel to see if that is likely or not. Then if it was probable i would enter in advance at a lower price then those who wait for it to turn up.

Honestly I thought I was never going to make back the 70k that I lost until I met these guys. These guys have been great and i really recommend anyone whos starting knew to check them out and for those of you like me who lost me and gave up on traditional TA , check this man out. He is truly starting the new age of TA