What will be the Future of Bitcoin Price ?


What will be the future of bitcoin prices?

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As you can see, in the long run we can analyze bitcoin like this and this analysis will be one of the most valid analyzes for bitcoin .
Given the price channel , as well as the Elliott wave pattern, Bitcoin has most likely completed its Wave 3 and started completing its Correction Wave 4.
Given the strong support at $ 12,000, it is likely that the end of wave 4 correction will be $ 12,000, after which wave 5 will begin to complete.
There is very strong support at the $ 12,000 level, and as we all know, the price always needs to rejuvenate and rest after a strong climb, and the best place to end this break would be $ 12,000.
In case of failure of the high level of the channel, a new analysis of your service will be provided in the near future, dear ones
So the best decision for dear investors and traders is:
People who are planning to invest recently, it is better to wait until the price task is determined with this level of the formed channel, and in case of failure of the channel, after re-testing it, enter into buy trades.
Those who are currently trading open should make a small profit and increase their investment to $ 12,000 again if this scenario is completed.

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