YFIUSDT BINANCE $4HR ://Great entry levels for YFI soon


YFI is great when it comes to volatility . She should drop around 10k or a bit less over this next week. Look to enter between the 13th and 15th of this month. This might come as soon as wednesday but if not it will take longer to reach buy in_GO levels.

Pivot point_10,688

Look to enter into YFI sometime in the next 7 plus days.

Entry_anywhere between 9,000 and 10,000 is what we are looking for but if this wild animal of a whatever we are calling it these days drops, watch closely. She could test that Support 2 (S2) level at just above 7k. As you all know, when this one goes it goes quick_thus 9-10K entry and cost average if breaks Support 1 (S1).

Take Profits_We will start to take profits from the Resistance 2 (R2) level and up. Note that anything after R3 is tricky. We will take 90 plus percent of position at any sign of reversal after R3 level with stop loss at hi 13,000 a bit below R3_depending on market volatility at time. That R1 to R2 is key here. Once she desively heads either up or down from this level_zone, re sets and makes another run or drop depending if above or below.

We are using Voyager platform as well as a few others. All in all voyager is working out great for those of us in the states that want to buy YFI , this is the most trustworthy solid option we have found so far. Would love feed back here. thanks (If interested we both chip up at voyager with this referral code TRI313 and always use “main entries or main sites” web site portal. Never trust direct links to sign up for anything. getting information is another thing but giving out info via link us usually a bad sign unless already in_on that main site)