This idea is a continuation of the previous idea, which worked out pretty well.

When the price fixed below the level $1.10, then moved towards the lower target $0.61.

But, on 3 November, the Swipe team published a report on the work done for October, and on 4-5-6 November, they published new developments and project upgrades.
In addition, on 3-6 November, BTC made a leap up +20%.

This mixture of news and events stopped the fall at $0.715 and turned the price upwards by +65% to the current indicators.

In the zone $1.10 -1.30, it will be decided where the price should move next:
– Fixes above the zone, then will open the path for growth to $1.80
– If sellers become active in this zone, then the fall may continue to the previously calculated level $0.61
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